I have always liked listening to classical music when working on sculptures. Listening to and perceiving music has a relaxing and opening effect on me. So my creativity can flow more freely. Music flows. The expansion of space becomes audible and tangible. Your heart and mind open up and loose their limitations.

If you look up „continuum“ in the encyclopedia you will find this: „ a total that is continuous and uninterrupted“ - a flow… When I paint, music fills me and the space. I am soon inside the music and forget subject and object. The colours, canvas, music, studio and I all become one.

The visible sound of colour and form corresponds perfectly to the audible shape of the sounds, so that they vibrate as a whole.

In this manner, one painting after another is created in direct correspondence to the music. Every painting is inspired by a musical sequence of several seconds. The individual painting emanates from the previous painting and is extinguished by the succeeding one. And so there is not a series or addition of paintings, but rather their borders dissolve.

Multimedia technique allows to experience the merging of sensual perceptions directly, and thereby enhances my potential of expression. Thus, in the continuum, listening and seeing compliment each other and become a combined perception. The expansion of space and time all the way to eternity unfolds. In the end the continuum is fulfilled in the observer.